Importance of Robotics and STEM education

Importance of Robotics and STEM education - RoboStore

For decades, robotics has proven useful, especially when applied to mapping. Quadrupeds have allowed people to safely navigate dangerous areas, even aiding in life-saving rescue missions. Sophisticated quadrupeds can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But what happens when quadrupeds are developed for physically smaller (but equally game-changing) missions, like education?


Unitree’s Go1 quadruped model is designed for precisely that. This light, financially-accessible quadruped is fully programmable and designed to work in tandem with educational curriculum. High school and university teachers and professors can use these affordable robots to teach everything from kinematics to engineering. However, it can start teaching students even earlier. This is extremely valuable in a world as fast-paced and technologically integrated as ours. 


STEM Education for Young Children


If you want your child to be ahead of the curve in their future, robotics and STEM education is the place to start. Children as young as six can learn how to program robots, which embeds in them a lifetime of decision-making, problem-solving, and other higher-level thinking skills. This is a natural progression for students who end up in engineering fields. Still, all children can benefit from the powerful tools that robots offer because they teach them STEM and life skills in a fun and interactive way. 


Skills For the Future


We are at a point in history where technology will continue to move quickly. And in this ever-changing world filled with innovation, robotics will be the key. Knowing how to code and the program will benefit your children when it comes time to find jobs that are in line with an automated world. The STEM classes of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics teach invaluable skills for these subjects and also for life. 


When robotics are involved, children have the unique challenge and opportunity to combine their creativity with both technology and math. This combination is often rare, and because children find it so interesting, it will raise their interest level and help them to correlate information in new ways. Additionally, the novelty of the robot itself helps students ease into math and science, and they often realize that they are interested in these fields. Working and learning together are also essential skills that children need to develop, and working with robots is an interactive proposition that builds team-building skills. 


The Future is Now


At Robostore, we want your child to be at the head of the class, and there is no faster way to do that than through the lens of robotics. Our Unitree Go1 Pro is both Python programmable and ROS capable, which will teach your child about the quadruped world while preparing them for the changing technology of the future. The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools to help your child build robots with all the applications that will entail. Because it is open-source, your child will be learning more than just quadrupeds and will need to think, design, collaborate, and create. 


In addition to that, our Go1Edu series has 3 NVIDIA Jeston processing units (2 Nanos, 1 NX), and the EDU Plus is ready to be tapped into using the ROS open-source robotics suite. Python is the pathway by which users can dive into all of the complexities that Go1 is ready to solve. 


A Winning Combination

At Robostore, we are so dedicated to helping students jump into the world of robotics that we have teamed up with DroneBlocks as a curriculum developer to make the ROS concepts easier to grasp. Dennis Baldwin, a master of the drone and robotics space for almost 20 years, is now bringing his talents to the world of quadrupeds. His innovative curriculum builds on DJI SDK and prepares students for their future.


Droneblocks works with the QuadruPet by Unitree, which looks like an agile dog while also combining the functions of sophisticated robotics systems. Able to walk at speeds of 17 km/h and carry loads between 5-10 kg, this pet is perfect for your classroom or school. Coding the Quadrupet for autonomous missions will teach students the necessary skills. Blockly, Python, C++, and Node-Red are all part of the experience.


Robostore is the Official US Provider of Unitree Robotics and ships from the United States. With this pioneer of quadruped robots on your team, you and your students will have the experience of a lifetime while also acquiring the skills necessary for a lifetime of innovation. 

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