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Accelerate your robotics education with the GO2 EDU. Powered by the NVIDIA Orin, the Go2 EDU stands at the forefront of AI-driven learning. It comes in two processing power and has built-in 4D liDAR for advanced capabilities. With comprehensive support for multiple programming languages, and compatibility with ROS, the Go2 EDU empowers learners to explore, experiment, and excel.

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Engineered for simplicity and enjoyment, this consumer model brings the excitement of robotics to your fingertips without the need for programming. Control the Unitree GO2 Pro effortlessly with side-follow and manual remote control features, making it perfect for anyone seeking interactive fun. With its built-in 4D LiDAR, navigating obstacles becomes a breeze, ensuring smooth and engaging adventures. Whether you're exploring new environments or simply enjoying quality time, the GO2 Pro is here to make every moment memorable.

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Engineered to excel in the industrial arena, the B2 quadruped robot offers unparalleled reliability and performance. With an expanded payload capacity and extended battery life, it's the perfect partner for a wide range of industrial applications. From job site inspections to material transportation, the B2 delivers unmatched efficiency and productivity. Experience the future of business automation with the B2 quadruped robot.

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