How Quadruped Robotics are Revolutionizing Mapping

How Quadruped Robotics are Revolutionizing Mapping - RoboStore

Quadruped robots are on the cutting edge of many applications in the modern world, not the least of which is mapping. Because quadruped robots move autonomously, they can do tedious tasks that humans don’t want to do or that they find too dangerous to do. This technology has positive implications for many industries, from space studies to construction to nuclear testing. This opens up a world of exploration in which humans don’t have to get their hands dirty, and quadrupeds can acquire a plethora of data. 


Seeing through the Eyes of a Quadruped


Unitree Robotics has a series of high-performance and low-cost robots primed and ready for secondary development. Packed with powerful computers, the most cutting-edge sensors, and actuators that allow for the reliable deployment of applications, our robots are truly making a name for themselves. With open-source packages that provide simple high and low-level control through ROS or Python, these robots also provide simulation in Gazebo. The sky’s the limit for all you can do, but you will love our onboard camera accessed through an open-source SDK that can be used for computer vision applications like object detection, object tracking, visual SLAM, and others. 


The Go1 Pro is not only Python-programmable but also has ROS capabilities, and this open-source robotics operating system can be fully programmed to do what you need it to do. With state-of-the-art algorithms and powerful developer tools, the 4G and 5G capabilities will blow your mind. The map-building localization allows for so many applications, and the motors, sensors, and cameras are top-of-the-line. 


Our powerful AI processor is dedicated to a 16-core CPU and GPU and contains 3 NVIDIA Jeston processing units, making it ready to go in the ROS open-source robotics suite. Using Python, you and your team can dive into a world of complex problems that the Go1 is prepared to solve.


2D and 3D Enhancements


Along with your Go1, you will find 2D and 3D LIDAR with a mapping apparatus. Our 2D sensors offer the Slamtec Mapper, which brings together map building, localization, and navigation, all in real-time. The high-performance SLAM engine and laser range scanner offer high-precision indoor and sizeable outdoor mapping. This can also be used as a laser range scanner, as it allows for coherent ROS environment integration through Slamtec Mapper. 


Additionally, 3D LIDAR takes things a step further, as the RS-LIDAR-16, mounted with 16 laser/detector pairs, rapidly spins and sends out high-frequency laser pulses to scan the surrounding environment to collect real-time 3D point clouds with reflectivity of objects so the quadrupeds can localize, navigate, and avoid obstacles. Both of these systems will garner maps autonomously in a wide range of terrains. 


Learn from the Pros        


And luckily, you don’t have to figure this out by yourself! Robostore has paired with DroneBlocks to offer a robust curriculum, whether you are teaching in a K-12 setting or a university. In the robotics space for nearly 20 years and tapping into the DJI SDK, DroneBlocks pros will teach your students how to program their quadrupeds and master mapping. 


At Robostore, we take great pride in being the official supplier of Unitree Robotics and shipping all of these products from the United States. If you want a top-notch but affordable quadruped that will revolutionize mapping for you and your constituents, Robostore will set you up with our dynamic Unitree collection. Not only will you get a quality quadruped, but also the ability to map like you never have before. 


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