Unitree B2 Industrial Quadruped Robotic Dog

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The B2 Robotic Dog is an AI-driven companion tailored for industrial prowess. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this robotic marvel deftly navigates across diverse terrains, assists in inspection tasks, and enhances operational efficiency. The B2 stands as a beacon of innovation, redefining the standards of industrial automation.
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Industrial Grade Performance

The B2 is a powerhouse that is engineered to excel in the most demanding environments. Powered by the Nvidia Orin, this advanced AI-driven marvel can effortlessly tackle complex tasks with efficiency and precision.

The hardware has been optimized to allow the B2 to travel up to 13 mph, carry 50 lbs of weight, and handle extreme conditions (-20°C to 55°C), making it a reliable companion even in the harshest of environments.

Whether it's accelerating productivity in industrial settings or pushing the boundaries of robotic performance, the B2 sets the standard for excellence, delivering unmatched performance where it matters most.

Advance Terrain Capabilities

B2 was engineered to conquer diverse terrains. With the ability to ascend and descend staircases as steep as 45 degrees and with steps as large as 8-9 inches, traversing is a breeze. Its impressive climbing angle ensures seamless traversal across steep slopes and challenging landscapes. Additionally, boasting a maximum jump distance of 5 feet, it effortlessly overcomes obstacles with grace and efficiency. From rocky terrain to slippery surfaces, the Unitree B2 is primed for exploration and industrial tasks alike.

Detailed 3D Mapping

2 optical cameras, 2 depth cameras, and 1 3D LiDar to give users incredibly detailed and accurate mapping. Perfect for users who need accurate industrial inspection at any time, anywhere. Its infrared scanning capabilities can be used in various situations such as detecting anomalies, overheating components in machinery, or moisture intrusion in buildings.

Incredible Battery Life, Autonomous Charging

With a robust battery capacity of 45Ah, the B2 boasts an impressive operational endurance of up to 6 hours, ensuring prolonged usage without interruption. Its autonomous + fast charging feature allows seamless fast self-recharging, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring optimal uptime without any user intervention. Once the B2 recognizes its battery is low, it will auto-locate its charging station, so you can say goodbye to charging worries and embrace uninterrupted performance with the B2.

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